V.M. Kostomarov, I.K. Novikov. New data on the monuments of the Late Bronze Age of the Tobol-Ishim interfluve

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Kostomarov Vladimir Mikhailovich. Tyumen Scientific Centre of Siberian Branch of RAS; University of Tyumen (Tyumen, Russian Federation).

E-mail:vkostomarov @ yandex.ru

ORCID: 0000-0002-8667-3809

Novikov Igor Konstantinovich. KurganStateUniversity (Kurgan, Russian Federation).

Е-mail: novikov2479 @ mail.ru

ORCID: 0000-0001-8912-0081



While studies concerning the distribution of the ancient cultures areas in distinct regions have been carried out for a sufficient period of time the new data clarifying the limits of distribution and the characteristics of location of a number of Late Bronze sites from the Tobol-Ishim interfluve ap peared in the last few year. Apart of traditional locations, monuments were also discovered on the watershed associated with the lake system. Such locations most likely imply specific economic structure of these sites, the presence of excellent logistic and communication ways combined with preservation of the traditions of a particular archaeological culture. The new data allow us to supplement the picture and examine from a different angle the problem of the use of territories in the Late Bronze Age in this region.


Key words: settlement, adaptation, Tobol-Ishim, river systems, settlements, economic structure, landscape, Alakul culture, Andronovo world.


DOI: 10.31250/2658-3828-2019-2-87-92



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