M.G. Zhilin. Bone and antler Mesolithic artefacts from the bottom find level of Ivanovskoye 7 in the collection of MAE RAS

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Zhilin Mikhail Gennadievich – Holder of an Advanced Doctorate in History, Leading Researcher. Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

E-mail: mizhilin()yandex.ru

ORCID: 0000-0002-3891-2959



A collection of bone artefacts from Mesolithic layers from the site Ivanovskoye 7, excavated by the Upper Volga expedition under direction of M.G. Zhilin was taken for permanent storage by MAE RAS in 2012. Three cultural layers produced impressive collections of bone and antler artefacts of early, middle and late periods of the Butovo culture, finds from the bottom layer are described in detail in the present article. Comparison of finds from Mesolithic layers of Ivanovskoye 7 with other peat bog sites indicates rather steady development. Main functional groups of tools and weapons emerged already in the very beginning of the Mesolithic and existed till its very end. Bone industry of the Butovo culture was formed already in the first half of the Preboreal period as indicated by the bottom layer of Ivanovskoye 7. Its further development was characterized by gradual decrease of the role of composite artefacts with flint inserts, disappearance of some types of tools and weapons and their change with other tool types of the same function. During the whole period of its existence the population of the Butovo culture was equipped with a highly developed set of bone and antler artefacts needed for successful living in the forests of temperate zone.


Key words: mesolithic, bone industry, Ivanovskoye 7 site, MAE RAS.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.33291/26583828.2018-(1)-2



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