A.V. Zubova. Neolithic population of the Southern Primorye and its affinities with the indigenous population of the Far East (based on dental non-metric traits from the Boysman-2 burial ground sample)

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Zubova Alisa Vladimirovna – Ph. D., Senior Researcher. Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) RAS, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

E-mail: zubova_al()mail.ru

ORCID: 0000-0002-7981-161X



The article is devoted to the problem of biological continuity between the Neolithic and modern population of the Far Eastern region of Russia. It based on dental samples of Neolithic Boisman culture (Boismana-2), Yankovskaya culture (Cherepakha-13, Boismana-2, Pospelovo-1), Mohe culture (Troitsky) and the dental samples of modern Negidals, Ulch, Oroch, Nanai and Nivkh. The results reveal that the territory of the Southern Primorye was the center of formation of dental specificity of the Far East indigenous population. Since the Neolithic time up to present a combination of low frequencies of 4-cusped lower second molars and C7, middle frequency of the Carabelli cusp, the high incidence of the sixth cusp and the distal trigonid crest on the lower first molars present there. It separates indigenous groups from the population of neighboring regions. Stability of these features and the presence of a significant number of archaic traits in the Boisman, Yankovskaya and modern Ulch series allow suggestion about protomorphic status of the Boisman dental complex for modern population of Primorye. The statistical similarity of modern and ancient groups confirms that the Neolithic population of the region was not completely assimilated but made a significant contribution to the modern Ulch, Oroch and Nanai.


Key words: Neolithic, Far East region, Boisman culture, Yankovsky culture, Mohe, Ulch, Nanai, Oroch, protomorphism, dental anthropology.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.33291/26583828.2018-(1)-7



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