Camera praehistorica

In 2018, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences founded the Camera Praehistorica Journal based on two scientific publication series of the Museum: The Kunstkamera Corpus of Archaeological Sources and The Zamyatnin Collections.

The Camera Praehistorica is a platform for discussion on the important cultural and biological aspects of human history from the Early Stone Age to the Great Migration Period. The journal gives specialists in archaeology, anthropology and related disciplines opportunity for presenting results of fundamental researches in form of research articles, as well as in short communications covering new findings. Also the Camera Praehistorica presents a unique opportunity for publishing data on archaeological sources, collections and databases. Integration of initial data sources into the pool of scientific evidence is one on the Journal's high priorities.

The Journal accepts articles based on both conventional and nature sciences approaches to study of archaeological sites and artifacts, ancient art, techniques and technologies. Its scope also includes biological evolution, human population history, and bioarchaeology. Bases of raw data on archaeology and physical anthropology can be accepted in a special online section.

The Camera Praehistorica is published twice a year in print and online; papers are accepted in Russian or English. Each volume comprises 20 standard pages (40,000 characters each). All articles submitted to the editorial board undergo a double-blind peer review by experts in archeology, anthropology and related fields.

Publication in the Journal is free of charge.


Registration number: ПИ№ ФС77 - 73486,

Date of registration: 17.08.2018. 

Published since 2018.

Rhythm: 2 times a year.



Founder and publisher: Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Science


Address: Universiteskaya Emb., 3., 199034, St. Petersburg, Russia

Phone: +7-812-328-08-12 (ad. 420)



The Journal is indexed in the Russian Index of Science Citation database. The Journal’s editorial policy aims at expanding its international audience.



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