Camera Praehistorica. #1. 2021

  Materials and researches  
N.N. Skakun, L. Longo, V.V. Terekhina, I.E. Pantyukhina, J. Heredia, D.M. Shulga. Results of the integrated study of a large stone tool from the Upper Paleolithic site Suren I
A.V. Larionova. Preliminary data on preservation of the cultural layer of the Middle Paleolithic site of Sukhaya Mechetka (excavation 1)
V.I. Belyaeva. Hearths and hearth structures of the Pushkari I Upper Paleolithic settlement
M.G. Zhilin. Bone and antler artefacts from the Middle and Late Mesolithic layers of Ivanovskoye 7 in the collection of MAE RAS
E.V. Leonova. Sosruco Rockshelter: revision of materials of the excavation by S.N. Zamiatnin and the Upper Horizons Radiocarbon Chronology 101
I.N. Yаzepenka. Multidisciplinary Researches of Nebyshino 1 Site at the Upper Reaches of the Berezina River in 2018–2019 120
I.G. Shirobokov. On the application of the averaged correlation matrix in craniometry
  Reviews and bibliography  
E.V. Leonova. Manko V.O., Crimean Swiderian or Crimean PPNB? Camera praehistorica, 2020, no. 1 (4), pp. 8–26, (in Russian) 150
A.V. Gromov, S.V. Pankova, A.V. Poliakov, N.Iu. Smirnov. International Scientific Conference «Archaeological sites of Southern Siberia and Central Asia: from the appearance of the first herders to the epoch of the establishment of state formations», devoted to the 85th anniversary of Doctor of Historical Sciences Elga Borisovna Vadetskaya (1936–2018) and 90th anniversary of Doctor of Historical Sciences Gleb Alekseyevich Maksimenkov (1930–1986)
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