Camera Praehistorica #1. 2018


K.NGavrilovG.AKhlopachevA new female figurine from Khotylevo 2 site: canonic image and archaeological context 8-23
M.G. Zhilin. Bone and antler Mesolithic artefacts from the bottom find level of Ivanovskoye 7 in the collection of MAE RAS 24-63
N. A. Aleksashenko. Bone objects with zoomorphic images from Ust-Poluy: features of use 64-76
D.A. Ivanova, A.V. Tabarev. Burial practice of Jōmon epoch, japanese archipelago (based on the materials of Kitamura Site) 77-93
S.N. Savchenko, M.G. Zhilin. Shigir finds in the collection of the Peter the Great Museum for anthropology and ethnology (Kunstkamera) 94-105
Y.М. SvoyskiE.VRomanenkoE.AMiklashevichThe experience of creating digital images of the estam pages of the Yenisei petroglyphs by the method of 3d modelling 106-116
A.V. Zubova. Neolithic population of the Southern Primorye and its affinities with the indigenous population of the Far East (based on dental non-metric traits from the Boysman-2 burial ground sample) 117-128
A.V. Gromov, V.G. Moiseyev. Ancient populations of Primorye: osteo- and craniometric data 129-133
M.S. Kishkurno. The origin of Kamenskaya culture population from the Novosibirsk Ob region according to dental data from the burial-ground Bystrovka-3 (II–I centuries BC) 134-147


A.VGromovI.GShirobokovThe all-Russian scientific and practical conference “Piles of bones: paleoanthropology, bioarcheology, paleogenetics”



L.S. Klejn. Archaeological theories of the third millennium in the West 150-158
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DOI: 10.33291/26583828

DOI: 10.33291/26583828.2018-(1)