Reviewing process

After manuscript was submitted it passes formal examination that assesses its compliance with the requirements of the Journal "Camera praehistorica". According to the results, the manuscript are sent to the reviewers or returned to the author. A manuscript is rejected if the paper has been already published and no significant changes were made to the text; if the subject matter of the manuscript does not correspond to the profile of the Journal; in case of violation of the requirements and Ethics policy of the Journal; in case of serious violation of the norms of the language on which the manuscript is provide.

Author can resubmit a manuscript after correction of all flaws if they are limited to requirements for the design of the manuscript and/or the literary style of the text. 

Basically reviewing is carried out by members of the Editor Board. In cases when Editor Board has no specialists in the necessary field, external reviewers from among the leading specialists in archeology, anthropology, and related disciplines are attracted. 

In the process of reviewing, the scientific novelty of the research topic, its methodical validity, the relevancy of the findings to the capabilities of the sources used, the degree of validity of the conclusions, the correctness in the use of data from literature sources are assessed. 

The period of reviewing is 15-30 days. Within this time the reviewer’s comments and recommendations for the finalization of the article and a conclusion about the possibility or impossibility of accepting the manuscript for publication must be send to author/authors. The author is not informed about the reviewers' names.

The author is given a period of up to 30 days for eliminating reviewer’s remarks and provide the corrected text to the editors. In case of negative review author/authors can has the right to argue his disagreement and apply for changing the reviewer. In case of repeated negative review, a decision about the final rejection of the article is accepted.